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Now Hiring: Social Media Manager, Strategist

The Cyphers Agency (TCA) is looking for a Social Media Manager, Strategist to help lead their word of mouth marketing division. Check out our Push-n-Pull department here. The Social Media Manager, Strategist is responsible for the successful management of the digital strategy for TCA clients, as well as the management of the social media team.

Newcastle Page Post

Facebook Inspiration: Newcastle Brown Ale

Newcastle Brown Ale. You’d think of them as just another beer company. At least until you see their Facebook page, that is. With a nice blend of hops, humor, and transparency, this ale’s got it down.

Business Blog from Instagram

Instagram for Business

Looks like Instagram finally got the message: brands use it, too! But we’ve all just been stumbling around in the dark without much insight into strategic uses, methods, etc. So Instagram created a blog, which helps us see how different companies are using image sharing as a way to reinforce their brand.

Facebook Post With Image

Facebook Photos Drive Interaction

Facebook posts with pictures typically garner more engagement, which is the end-game in social media, right? It also helps break the monotony of the timeline structure. Here’s an example from Chick-Fil-A.

bad facebook example

For the Love of Social Media, Delete that Ugly Facebook URL!

Sometimes you just need someone to lay down the law for you. Today, that’s what I’m gonna do. And the law I am laying down? Delete that ugly Facebook URL from your Facebook post! The effort to create a sleek and clean post only takes 2 seconds of your time.

How men and women use social media

[Infographic] – Men vs. Women vs. The Social Web

Finally, an infographic worth reading! This one breaks down how men and women use social media sites. It’s good to know, especially when you are strategizing which tools to use to best reach your audience. These stats are hot and fresh off the presses.

Sharpie Social Media

Facebook Inspiration: Sharpie

This week I’m loving Sharpie’s Facebook page. Maybe I am just biased, considering there is little more that I love than a nice, fresh, inky black Sharpie. But that aside, here’s the positive and negative of what Sharpie’s social media team is doing.

The Strategy (or lack thereof) of Social Media

Social media isn’t, and has never been, a British butler who is ashamed that the tiny silver spoon at the last plate on the left is slightly tarnished underneath. We’ve got to give it room to breathe, room to grow, and room to truly flourish. And maybe that sometimes means loosening the reigns on strategy.

Facebook IPO start date

Zuckerberg, Facebook ring bell at NASDAQ

May 18, 2012 marks the day that Facebook went public. Founder Mark Zuckerberg and team remotely ring the NASDAQ bell. The only logical next step? World domination, of course.

Social Media Successes

Starbucks and Little Social Media Wins

Sometimes just saying you know there is a problem in existence is enough for consumers. In social media, it really is the little things. Here’s Starbucks’ recent (and tiny) social media win.

Smartphone use increasing in US

Smartphones Used by Over Half of US Consumers

As of March, over 50% of consumers in the country were smartphone users. This is apparently a three percent increase since the close of 2011. Android is leading the race, but Apple remains the single biggest smartphone handset brand. How does this affect marketers reaching their mobile audiences?

On-Brand Content Works Best for Facebook

Recently Facebook ran a study across over 20 brands to see what content encouraged the most engagement (likes, comments, and shares). Their findings? Content relevant with the brand encouraged the most engagement. This seems obvious, but it’s good for us Facebook addicts to know so that we can mix the right medley of brand-centric posts and general posts.

Facebook Logout Ads Too Expensive for Small Businesses

Facebook wants $710,000 a day for logout ads. Yep, more than half a million sweet hard-earned American dollars. For small businesses, that’s pretty much $709,800 dollars more most people are probably willing to pay. But I guess if you’re Ford Motor Company, it’s no big thing.

Facebook Expands Ad Options in February 2012

Facebook May Release New Ad Options As Early as Next Week

If you’re anything like us and in and out of Facebook all the live long day, news of new ad options are exciting. AllFacebook has it rumored that Facebook will alter and expand their ad options as early as next Wednesday, February 29 at their marketing conference in New York.

facebook content ideas

5 Quick(ish) Tips for Better Facebook Content

Since a majority of our clients are active on the ‘Book, we’re pretty familiar with what people love, hate, and share with their friends. We’re also pretty familiar with what doesn’t work. So without further ado here are 5 Quick(ish) Tips for Better Facebook Content.