On-Brand Content Works Best for Facebook

Recently Facebook ran a study across over 20 brands to see what content encouraged the most engagement (likes, comments, and shares). Their findings? Content relevant with the brand encouraged the most engagement. This seems obvious, but it’s good for us Facebook addicts to know so that we can mix the right medley of brand-centric posts and general posts.

Facebook Logout Ads Too Expensive for Small Businesses

Facebook wants $710,000 a day for logout ads. Yep, more than half a million sweet hard-earned American dollars. For small businesses, that’s pretty much $709,800 dollars more most people are probably willing to pay. But I guess if you’re Ford Motor Company, it’s no big thing.

Facebook Expands Ad Options in February 2012

Facebook May Release New Ad Options As Early as Next Week

If you’re anything like us and in and out of Facebook all the live long day, news of new ad options are exciting. AllFacebook has it rumored that Facebook will alter and expand their ad options as early as next Wednesday, February 29 at their marketing conference in New York.

facebook content ideas

5 Quick(ish) Tips for Better Facebook Content

Since a majority of our clients are active on the ‘Book, we’re pretty familiar with what people love, hate, and share with their friends. We’re also pretty familiar with what doesn’t work. So without further ado here are 5 Quick(ish) Tips for Better Facebook Content.

Rolling Stones Tubalr

Tubalr: Totally Awesome Music Playing Thingy

A friend suggested Tubalr to me yesterday. It’s an app that plays high quality videos back to back based on a search term or phrase. For example, “The Rolling Stones” entry brings up an endless stream of tunes and videos of Mick Jagger, his lips, and Stones’ concerts. It’s perfect for lazy people who want to be hands off in finding good music or great videos.

social media 2012

10 Social Media Lessons from 2011

I learned a lot in 2011, both about my life and my profession. Mostly, I’ve come to appreciate how work is more than just being satisfied with what you complete at the end of the day. It’s also about relationships, creative expression, stability, & intellectual freedom.

social media contingency plan

Ad Agency Necessity: Social Media Contingency Plans

The social media realm has required us to have a different set of rules. Everything from strategy to implementation has changed. That even extends to who does what in which department. And we’ve got to have a back up plan to ensure that all necessary work gets completed (and done the right way) if a client’s point person is out sick or on vacation. So here’s how we do it.

Social Media / Word of Mouth Marketing Internship

The Cyphers Agency is looking for a social media intern to add to our Word of Mouth Marketing Department. We are seeking a dynamic, creative, fun, and interesting intern who wants nothing more than to dig into the wide world of social media. A large portion of this social media internship will focus on community management for one of our clients.

Tracking Consumer Sentiment

Sentiment Analysis: Not Yet a Science

There’s no denying that consumer sentiment is important. It’s obvious that companies and brands are curious as to the thoughts of their consumers. More importantly, they are interested in where those thoughts lie on the positive to negative spectrum. But sentiment measurement isn’t quite yet a science, especially if you remove the human element.

Morton's WOM Success Stroy

Doing It Right: Morton’s Steakhouse

We’ve been fond of praising those who do word of mouth marketing the right way, from musicians to the Four Seasons. And we’ve even brought to light some occasions where WOM can be detrimental to a company (remember United Breaks Guitars?). Looks like Morton’s Steak House falls under the “social media success” category. They’ve recently impressed a certain Peter Shankman, a self-proclaimed social media entrepreneur with just over 109,000 Twitter followers.

Class of 2015: Our Future Consumers

This video shows us the characteristics and behaviors of the next generation to enter the work force. With drastic moves from traditional to digital, this group will be the first to really see the adoption of new ways to advertise. What is normal to them will be different from what is normal now. How do you think we will reach these consumers over the next ten, twenty, or even thirty years?