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On-Brand Content Works Best for Facebook

According to Ad Age, Facebook ran a study across over 20 brands to see what content encouraged the most engagement (likes, comments, and shares). Their findings? Content relevant with the brand encouraged the most engagement. This seems obvious, but it’s good for us Facebook addicts to know so that we can mix the right medley of brand-centric posts and general posts. We don’t want to be shoving brand speak down anyone’s throat, after all. Other advice was given, as well. Want to increase shares? Post more photos and videos. Want to increase comments? Ask questions.

We’re putting that into practice. Below is a screenshot from The National Chicken Council’s “Chicken” Facebook page. One of their marketing goals is to get online audiences thinking and talking about chicken. That gives us some freedom to play around a little. Sharing this image resulted in 745 likes, 27 comments, and 171 shares.

It’s interesting to see what kind of “truths” are coming out of social media studies. What’s worked for you?

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