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Word of Mouth Marketing / Social Media Internship

The Cyphers Agency (TCA) is looking to grow its Word of Mouth department. We are seeking dynamic, creative, fun, and interesting interns who want nothing more than to learn about word of mouth marketing. We are looking for someone with a thorough understanding of basic marketing principles, internet research, social networking sites, blogs, online forums, contests, and more.

Social Media ROI

100 Ways to Measure Social Media Success

During my daily morning Internet perusal, I came across a list of 100 ways that companies can measure social media. One. Hundred. Ways. Holy schnikies.

Since we are always trying to convey the importance of metrics and ROI of word of mouth marketing, I did a little dance (something of a shimmy, mixed with some hair tossing and a quick head nod) to celebrate my discovery of this wonderful list. I even added the number “100” into my win column for today. So what if the post I found was from 2009? I understand that this makes my “100 wins” more like “99 wins,” but the best posts have longevity, right?


Social Media to Blame for Bland Online Brand Identity

I’m an advocate of keeping up on social media news. As a professional in the industry, I take it upon myself to be aware of all the newest toys, most up to date strategy ideas, creative campaigns, etc. But lately, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to find inspiring social media news. The churning wheels have slowed, and it has become official: social media is no longer trendy.

Chicken For The Win

And Then God Said, “Let There Be Chicken…”

Who doesn’t love chicken? Everyone loves it, except for maybe vegetarians or people who are just generally miserable about life. But here at The Cyphers Agency, we couldn’t love chicken more. But it goes just beyond our graphic designers eating some nuggets for an afternoon snack. We work with The National Chicken Council to promote… you guessed it… chicken!

Brand Love

Word of Mouth Toolbox: Ambassador Programs

Blog post theme of today: back to basics! There are a few things that we’ve got in our word of mouth toolbox that are tried and true tactics, so we thought we’d revisit some and share them with you. One of our most powerful tools as word of mouth marketers is the creation and implementation of an ambassador program. We’ve seen it in action, helping create some serious online buzz for a number of clients.

Social Media and the End of Gender

I came across this Ted Talk during my morning Internet perusal. It reminded me of how much “social media” has brought up the discussion of how

New Disney Campaign Wins Us Over

Lately, we are loving the new Disney campaign, “Let the Memories Begin.” The commercials expose real life experiences through a series of home videos displaying

We Need You! Mobbies 2010.

We are enlisting YOUR help to make this year end on a great note: a Mobbies win! Here we are, telling you about our exciting