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It’s the Little Wins that Count

For those of us who work on the social media side of a marketing campaign, our efforts can sometimes feel like they’re swallowed up by the overcrowded and noisy Internet. When you do break through the noise, it’s important to cherish those tiny wins because its the little wins that will make you and your brand who you are.

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Sharpie Social Media

Facebook Inspiration: Sharpie

This week I’m loving Sharpie’s Facebook page. Maybe I am just biased, considering there is little more that I love than a nice, fresh, inky black Sharpie. But that aside, here’s the positive and negative of what Sharpie’s social media team is doing.

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Viral Believability

Does how believable something is determine how successfully viral it will become? Or does believability matter at all? Maybe the raw entertainment value is what propels something to total viral glory. Let’s take a look at a few examples and discuss…

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