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Little Debbie Rewards Intern Heroes With Muffins!

What do you get when you combine a contest, free food and interns? Little Debbie Muffins. I heard about the Little Debbie Intern Hero contest a few weeks ago (via Twitter, of course). My ears always perk up for the opportunity to get free food, and as a word of mouth intern, it’s only natural that I told everyone I knew about the opportunity (as you can see from the snippets of conversation in the picture below). This photo was featured on the Little Debbie Intern Hero site last Thursday.

The Intern Hero contest makes everyone happy.  The Cyphers Agency got free publicity, the whole office will get Little Debbie muffins, and Little Debbie has social media-savvy interns across America filling social networks up with buzz about Little Debbie muffins. Thanks, Little Debbie. We are all looking forward to our muffins!

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