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It’s the Little Wins that Count

Picture of Ali Maruca, Social Media Coordinator

Ali Maruca, Social Media Coordinator

When you start working with a brand in the very early stages of a marketing campaign, you quickly realize that it’s the little wins that give you the encouragement and motivation to keep you and the campaign going. For those of us who work on the social media side of the campaign, it can be a daunting task to break through the Internet chatter with your brand’s message. Whether you’re reaching out to people on Twitter or through a blogger outreach effort, it’s a super noisy Internet-world out there. But every once in a while, you connect with a member of your audience. Whether it’s through a popular, mainstream website or blog or just an everyday customer who has something nice to say about your brand, every tiny win is a step towards greater success.

Last week, I found out that due to our blogger outreach efforts, a popular beauty blogger was going to feature a review of a client’s product. As I pulled up the blog’s homepage, my heart jumped for joy when I saw the familiar name and logo of my client at the top of that blog. This wasn’t the first blog placement we have secured for this client, but it is still incredibly rewarding to see the results of your efforts working one small placement at a time.

Every blog placement, Twitter interaction and Facebook conversation, while they may seem small, are little wins that intertwine your word of mouth efforts to increase brand awareness and help propel your client to the next level. Even the big brands that boast million-dollar advertising budgets started out with a tiny budget and small campaigns. Growing a brand takes time, hard work, dedication (and a lot of coffee). Cherish the little wins and remember them once you make it big because it’s the little wins that make you and your brand who you are.

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