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Facebook Photos Drive Interaction

Ever since Facebook’s latest round of changes, we’ve been learning new tips and techniques to help increase levels of engagement on our clients’ pages. One easy way is to add an image to your posts. helping break up the monotony of the timeline structure. Check out Chik-Fil-A’s recent posting about their Cow Appreciation Day. The one below is a simple text post with a link. At first glance, 817 likes and 101 comments seems pretty good.

Facebook Post with No Image

But then, a post about the same event with an image, link, and clear call to action gets 1,794 shares, 3,533 likes, and 198 comments. Quite the difference!

Facebook Post With Image

With engagement being one of our main means of measurement and success, adding pictures into the mix of our content will help garner those important interactions while continually reaffirming brand identity and experience.

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