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3 Tips For Better Blog Writing

Blog writing is about harnessing method and creativity to fully engage your reader. We now understand that blogs are great tools that can help your brand

It’s the Little Wins that Count

For those of us who work on the social media side of a marketing campaign, our efforts can sometimes feel like they’re swallowed up by the overcrowded and noisy Internet. When you do break through the noise, it’s important to cherish those tiny wins because its the little wins that will make you and your brand who you are.

Tumblr: Or That Thing You Need To Think About

As of last year, Tumblr had 8.5 times more page views per month than Let that sink in. The scrappy little purveyor of humorous gif’s has 8.5 times more traffic than one of the most established hosted-blogging platforms in the world. I guess this means we should be paying attention, eh?

How to reach out to bloggers

Blogger Outreach Done Right: Round 2

A few members of our Push-n-Pull team went to Social Fresh Baltimore this week. Between networking & hearing some experts speak, the conference was a success. It also helped reinforce what we do here at The Cyphers Agency (and that we’re doing it right).

We just talk ourselves out of it.

During Baltimore AdWeek this year, I got the pleasure of listening to Justin Kownacki speak on creating web content people will actually enjoy and share. I won’t divulge too much of what he said because, well, you snooze you lose! I will tell you one thing he said that got me thinking, “It’s not that hard to create media people relate to, we just talk ourselves out of it.”

Storify: Create Stories Using Social Media

What’s happening? This is what Twitter asks you every time you go to post a new update. Sometimes, what is happening is also happening to a number of other people around you. It’s becoming more and more obvious as Twitter’s ubiquity grows that there is content being created that is worth finding, archiving and organizing in to stories. Enter: Storify.