Bailey’s Journal – Blog Posts from Cyphers’ Newest Employee

Bailey Whittaker, a recent graduate from Towson University, has recently joined The Cyphers Agency Push ‘N Pull team. She will post regularly on our blog as she learns more about how we use word of mouth marketing for our clients, so you can learn what we do from an inside perspective.

Social media is way more extensive than I imagined.  Being a recent college graduate, and 22 years old, I thought I knew a lot about social media.  I was wrong.  I thought if I knew how to use Facebook (which in my mind is the fastest growing and most commonly used social media site) I was good to go.  I was also vaguely familiar with MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Flickr,and some other sites.  As it turns out, there are many more sites online that allow people with common interests/goals to come together, and each in a different way.  I didn’t realize so many people were using online resources to find each other.  Social media is effective because it changes constantly, and people can become interactive with other customers, or the company itself.

I was also surprised at the wide audience range of people using these sites.  I think of the older generation as being generally internet incapable (sorry!).  As it turns out, lots of baby boomers have set up their own blogs, groups, and websites.  Maybe some of them could even teach me a thing or two.

In terms of cool websites I’ve learned about, I think MeetUp sounds awesome.  I’ve never used it, but it’s a really cool concept – I’m impressed. It shows that we can use online tools to find people online, but reach them in the real world too if we want.

I’m really excited to keep learning about all the things that we are doing for our clients. I’ll keep you posted!

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