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How to Keep a Blog Running for Years

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Kelly Flanagan

keep at blog runningOur blog, Deep Ads Thoughts, has been up and running for over 10 YEARS (or even longer if you are counting our super old blogspot account)!  Since our first post in 2008, we have been publishing our thoughts on a regular bases by generating the necessary fuel for this machine to run smoothly. Here’s how we keep the content coming and a blog running for years:


Annual Brainstorms

Gather the troops to brainstorm ideas and set your team up for success. When it comes down to crunch time, having these ideas in your back pocket can save you from stress or rushing a blog post.

Everyone Contributes

Fresh blog content is on everyone! Chances are, everyone on your team has valuable knowledge to contribute to your company’s blog. Involve the whole staff to keep your content from growing stale and ensure there’s something for everyone who is visiting the blog.

Hold Yourself and Your Team Accountable

Set up a schedule and stick to it! Company blog posts might be at the bottom of coworkers’ lists, but it’s crucial to enforce a strict schedule to help move the approval and posting process along.  

Keep the Blog Top of Mind

When awesome client work is finished or there is a groundbreaking industry update, ask yourself, “could this be a blog post?” Content for a blog post does not have to be limited to what was initially brainstormed and will benefit from real-time happenings.  

Blogs are a great platform to demonstrate your company’s thought leadership, creative work and quirky personality. It can be challenging to keep a steady flow of content, but the benefits of having an active and current blog can really set your company a part from the pack. To see how we use our blog to flaunt our stuff, read our Deep Ad Thoughts or Push ‘n Pull blogs!

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