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Social Media Recap: March 2019

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Kristin Dyak

March was a big month for the social media recap update! Check out our Social Media Recap to catch up on some major announcements and changes to our favorite platforms. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter underwent some changes and updates to the platforms to help users feel more secure about their personal information. This is very important due to the new features that make shopping and reporting easier on the social channels, leading to personal information to potentially become more public-facing and accessible by brands. Watch this month’s vlog post for more details on the updates to these popular social media platforms.

Hi I’m B and I’m Kelly. Welcome to this month’s Social Media Recap where we discuss all the latest happenings in the world of social media. Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly that happened in March.
This month, Instagram debuted a new checkout feature. This means when users find a product they love, they can purchase it in the app.
Last week Facebook revealed that they had discovered yet another security breach. In this instance, millions of passwords had been stored in plain text going as far back as 2012.
LinkedIn updated their messenger platform with meeting planner tools. This will help users move their conversations offline.
Earlier this month Twitter announced that they were adding new reporting options for tweets that share personal information to make the process more streamlined for users.
So that’s it for the March social media recap update. Be sure to follow us on our many social platforms to stay in the know and never miss an exciting episode.
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