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Real Time with the Game of Thrones Finale

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Kristin Dyak

A great way to connect with consumers on social media networks is to find a fun or interesting way to combine your message with trending topics that is extremely popular online right now.

The big question of 2019 so far has been, “Who will take the throne?” Our client Seasons Pizza has a thought…

If a brand is looking for a way to connect with consumers digitally, a great place to start is on social media networks. Trending conversations as we like to call them, can be found through hashtags and reviewing news sources like trends, google, Buzzfeed News, LinkedIn and more. Once you have your target topic it’s time to engage! When brands participate in online conversations like ‘Who will take the throne?’ they’re increasing the chance of being seen, and more importantly, heard, by new audiences.

Our team meets every morning to go over what the internet is discussing. Whether it be a national day that celebrates a certain type of food, or a new law in effect, we review the trending topics through the eyes of our clients. The goal of these meetings is to see which of our clients we can bring in on the conversation and when we find a hit we make it happen. Some mornings after trending our creative team hits the ground running and turns around incredible, time-sensitive work like the example below!

trending topics


Sometimes, we can predict a topic that is going to cause a lot of buzz. Our Game of Thrones video, for example, was meticulously planned in advance so that we could put together something amazing for the season premiere!

Some brands have totally mastered the art of real time engagement and have become notorious for their wit. Real time engagement, as we call it here, means engaging with the current breaking news stories, pop culture events, news headlines, etc. For example, Oreo is always on top of what’s happening or about to come. Their execution of a relatable campaign piece, from a TV commercial to social media content, builds buzz among their followers and encourages others to share and participate in the conversation. Think back to the Super Bowl where the lights went out… Oreo had a new post up within what seemed like seconds capitalizing on the darkness and started a new conversation online. That is peak real time engagement! Much like Oreo, our client Seasons Pizza has become a hot spot for real time content and with an audience that loves to engage, their social media profiles are always lively.

Our team (and audiences) have thoroughly enjoyed the build-up to the premiere of the final season of GOT and although we will be sad when Game of Thrones comes to an end, it’s fun to create pieces of content that will reign on!

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