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Blog World Expo – A Creative Writing Piece

On the plane to Vegas, I won’t be able to sleep. This will either be because I am so excited that I won the comment contest on mashable or because I didn’t win and I don’t know how I’m going to pay for these expensive tickets to Vegas. No matter, all I will be able to think of is what I will say when I get to meet people along the lines of Timothy Ferriss. Or Gary Vaynerchuk! These guys, analogous to the famous gunslingers of the old west, rule the untamed (some might say lawless, but they’d be wrong) territory of social media. These guys talk, people listen. They succeed, people study (and try to follow in their footsteps). These are the people that blazed their own way in a new industry that is just beginning to realize that it is, in fact, an industry. The speed of social media growth can only be matched by the growing enthusiasm and commitment of it’s evangelists. I love this community, because we all love what we do, and because we all seem to want to learn more.

This expo is not just a small get-together of people that appreciate social media. This event brings some of the biggest names in blogging/social media together for 2 days of “conferencing” and then 2 more days of exhibits. If you don’t go, you either don’t care enough about social media, or are poor. But if I’m any example, the latter is no excuse – I’ll go even if (more accurately: when) it bankrupts me.

If one of these speakers gets you all revved up, say why in the comments section. If none of them excite you, maybe this conference will be more up your alley.

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