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3 Tips For Better Blog Writing

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Blog writing is about harnessing method and creativity to fully engage your reader. We now understand that blogs are great tools that can help your brand to:

  •  Increase traffic to your site
  •  Increase your search ranking &
  • Engage your consumers

But, the trouble with blogs is finding that delicate balance between producing engaging and interesting content, and optimizing your SEO at the same time. Here are 3 steps to take the next time you go to write a blog.

1. Grab Their attention: You only have 3-4 sentences to captivate your audience enough to convince them to continue reading your post. Entice your readers by presenting them with a problem and then give them a solution. Readers want to have tangible take aways from your blog, so make sure to provide them with useful, relevant content. Try and steer clear of hard selling, or product related blogs.

EX: Website Development Launch Checklist

2. Give Them Engaging Content: Solution based content doesn’t have to be boring. Beef up your blog post with metaphors, fun tid bits, and numbered lists. Think of creative ways to illustrate what you are trying to say. Engaging content will go a lot further for your readers than boring pieces of information.

EX: Ice Cream Sundae, A Summer Time Analogy for Social Media

3. Be Concise: Being concise doesn’t necessarily mean you have to write a short blog post. But it does mean finding that delicate balance between being engaging and getting to the point. Keeping your blog post on the shorter side ( 300-500 words) can help keep you in check, but don’t feel tied to this number. It is better to focus on effectively problem solving for your reader. If you feel that your post is getting to be too lengthy, consider turning the topic into a series of posts to keep your reader engaged.

EX:  How To Use Paid and Natural Search to Fuel Each other

Writing a good blog post can be challenging, and the standards are constantly changing. But, if you stick to these 3 tips, you will be on your way to an engaging, and useful blog post!


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