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The Value of a Blog: What they can do for your brand.

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images-1Is your brand thinking about starting a blog? If you are, think no more. A blog is one of the necessary tools to function in the online marketing space. If you don’t have one, you’re already a step behind.

It used to be that blogs were soap boxes for people who wanted to blabber in front of an audience. These days, blogs are run by individuals and brands alike. They are a great tool that, if managed properly can build brand awareness, and showcase your expertise. Not only are blogs an amazing way to deliver valuable content to your consumers, they are an incredibly way to increase your SEO.

Here are some of the things that make blogs so valuable:

  1. Search Engine Optimization: SEO is a great way to drive traffic to your website and create brand awareness. Blogs are useful because you can determine the type of keywords you would like to highlight, and feature them in your blog. When your blog ranks high on the search page, your brand will become more top-of-mind for potential consumers.
  2. Create an Engaging Community: Websites are great, but they don’t always engage your consumers. Blogs allow you to post things that can foster conversation and open a back and forth channel with your constituents. Other social media tools are also great for this, but blogs allow you to have more in-depth conversations.
  3. Showcase your Expertise: Blogs are a great way to showcase the things that you know best. Your website should give your consumers an idea of what you are an expert in, but your blog allows you the space to discuss these topics in real time.

Having a blog is a versatile tool that allows you to way to reach your consumer on a deeper level. Not only do they increase your SEO, but also they help to engage your audience. This all seems well and good, but these great results only come from a well-written, and well-managed blog. When we write reoccurring blog posts for our clients we make sure to always refer back to the pillar of brand strategy. If your blog sways from your strategy, it is no longer useful to you. Check out our client Atradius to see some of our TCA work in action.

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