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Why blogger outreach is a great resource for food and CPG brands

We’ve already discussed how and why why blogger outreach is a great strategy in a social media marketing campaign. You can check out those posts here and here. It’s a great tool that enhances brand awareness, builds your audience and increases product exposure.

In our own experience, we’ve seen blogger outreach work particularly well for food brands and consumer packaged goods (CPG). Why is that? Well, for one thing, as a food or CPG brand, you’re selling a product. It’s not a service, organization or commodity. It’s something tangible that a blogger can taste, touch, smell, use and review. Food and CPG products also lend themselves more easily to giveaway campaigns. Whether they are full-sized products or miniature samples, people always love receiving free stuff (key word: FREE). Bloggers give an honest review of the product and the fans get free stuff. It’s a win for the blogger and a win for the brand.

For instance, with our client, Better than Bouillon, we conduct routine blogger outreach campaigns to place the food product in the hands of bloggers who enjoy and take pride in their cooking and an audience who is actively looking for new ideas and quick tips to make their meals tastier. The bloggers incorporate the flavor boosting product into their recipes, old and new, give an honest review of the product and then offer their fans a giveaway.

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We run a similar campaign for our client, CoralActives Acne Treatment System. It allows us the opportunity to put the acne products in the hands of well-respected beauty and skin care bloggers. The blog audience is typically comprised of fans looking for new beauty and skin care products. This strategy allows us to connect the product with an audience who is actively looking for new products. The blog fans get an honest review of the product and if they’re lucky, some free swag in the end.

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Approaching bloggers can be tricky. You don’t want to appear over-salesy but you don’t want to be lost in the shuffle of an overflowing email inbox either. Follow our five tips on how to pitch bloggers and you’re sure to land a successful blog placement. After that, it’s all about relationship building and making that blogger and the audience feel special and included in your brand. Blogger outreach is a pretty simple step you can take towards giving your brand more awareness. Just be sure you have a solid strategy to forge your way ahead and have some free swag to give away!

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