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It’s All In How You Say It: Blogger Outreach Edition

Picture of Jocelyn Rimbey, Digital Marketing Manager

Jocelyn Rimbey, Digital Marketing Manager

Blogger OutreachToday we had a blogger outreach success story. Our team pitched a client’s product to an influential blogger in hopes that they might want to try the free sample we wanted to send. Ideally, the blogger would accept our offer, try the sample, fall in love with it, and tell their readers (and random people on the streets) how much they simply loved the product. But that wasn’t the case.

The blogger, although friendly, declined our offer. She was honest in saying that it wasn’t up her alley and she only accepted a small niche of products. Fair enough – sometimes we are just thankful for a response. But it didn’t stop there. She shared the names of two of her blogger friends who were more likely to be interested. She thanked us for our kind words about her blog, thanked us for our pitch, and wished us luck.

There will be times when bloggers will accept our products and tell their readers. That is all great, but sometimes its the last of the communication. But here, we’ve made a meaningful connection with a real person. And although she might not use our product this time, the exposure will bring our client’s name to mind when she is out shopping. She also shared with us two blogger friends of hers, and when we contact them, we can mention her as a reference. Trust will then be automatically built in and our chances of success are better. Hopefully it will be two for the price of one, and that is where the success kicks in.

Getting results like these isn’t always easy. It is time consuming and back end heavy. We work to reach out to bloggers in a genuine and authentic way. We don’t “research” them, we get to know them. We read their posts, look at their pictures, and laugh at their jokes. We follow what their readers enjoy. We learn what type of posts they create. We learn what their lifestyle is like so that when can be sure to provide them with products or brands that they will actually use. And after all this, when it comes time to talk to them, we can speak open and honestly about how we feel about their blog and make a real connection. Then they’re more likely to trust our messages and our suggestions because they’ll feel like we know them. Because we do know them.

So when you are trying to reach out to influencers, don’t just worry about your end of it. Bopping them over the head with an offer, even if its a great one, without first taking the time to get to know them probably won’t be successful. Be truthful, genuine, give real compliments, and try to find ways that your products can serve the blogger in a meaningful way. It isn’t about what you say, it’s all in how you say it.

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