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digital marketing coordinator

Hey Abbey!

Meet our Digital Marketing Coordinator, Abbey! Hey Abbey! Hey! What are you listening to? Coldplay. Where’s your favorite place? Probably my couch. Who’s your social

#SMWWDC: Back to the basics

Attending industry conferences is a great way to learn new industry tools and news. It’s also a great way to reignite your passion for your career and get back to the basics.

Jungle and the Internet

The Jungle and the Internet

Last week, I traveled to Ecuador with a medical team. We hiked into the jungle, ‘Heart of Darkness’ style, and set up a mobile clinic for the local tribes. It was an incredible experience. This post, however, is not about what I did on the trip. It’s about the lack of internet.

Thanksgiving Thankfulness

We have a lot to be thankful for this year and hope you to do, too! From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Get out of the office once in a while

It’s easy to stay buried under our mile-high inboxes and ever-growing to-do lists. But it’s important to come up for air once in a while and stay updated and educated in the changes going on in our industry.

Now Hiring: Social Media Manager, Strategist

The Cyphers Agency (TCA) is looking for a Social Media Manager, Strategist to help lead their word of mouth marketing division. Check out our Push-n-Pull department here. The Social Media Manager, Strategist is responsible for the successful management of the digital strategy for TCA clients, as well as the management of the social media team.

social media contingency plan

Ad Agency Necessity: Social Media Contingency Plans

The social media realm has required us to have a different set of rules. Everything from strategy to implementation has changed. That even extends to who does what in which department. And we’ve got to have a back up plan to ensure that all necessary work gets completed (and done the right way) if a client’s point person is out sick or on vacation. So here’s how we do it.