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Digital Marketing Summit Recap Part 1

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Bridget Meyers

Last week, Kelly and I attended the Digital Marketing Summit in DC- two days of presentations on some of the industry’s hottest topics. We would be typing for days if we were to list everything we learned from the Summit, so we’ve decided to narrow it down to each of our top 5 favorite digital marketing things we learned. Check back on the 22nd for Kelly’s top 5!

Make it Easy to Connect from Making Lemonade: Traits Beyonce Can Teach the Modern Marketer to Run the World by Michael Barber 

Individuals, especially those on mobile, do not want to spend all of their time searching for a way to connect with a brand. Make sure your contact forms are simple and free of any bugs because chances are if the user has to struggle to find something, they’ll end up leaving instead of converting.

Influence is Based on Expertise, Not Popularity from Everything You’ve Heard About Influencer Marketing Is Wrong. Let’s Do It Right! By Leigh George

When choosing influencers for your brand, you need to look at them from a human level. Many companies make the mistake of viewing influencers as another type of media channel. That is the best way to lose touch with your audience. Don’t go based off of which influencer has the largest audience but rather the influencer that has an engaged and relevant one, this will lead to higher conversions for your brand.

Humans No Longer Read- They Scan from Key Insights Into Human Behavior and Their Impact on Marketing by Brent Niemuth

Impactful images are more important than ever as the average person’s attention span is now less than that of a goldfish. 90% of what we learn is visual. Advertisements should rely more on their imagery than the copy text. If you can create an image that evokes emotion and connection within the viewer it will be more successful.

Personalize the Content You Send Out from Let’s Get Personal: 7 Steps to Build 1:1 Relationships with Email

77% of individuals on the Internet expect personalized digital content. One size does not fit all with marketing. Customer data is a marketers’ biggest help in reaching the target audience. The more we tweak and personalize the messages we push out the greater the connection is made with our brand.

Create a Strategic Map for Facebook Ads from Facebook Ads: Mastering The Power of The Demographic Fire Hose by Susan Wenograd

Rather than relying on one ad to hit each fraction of a target audience, Wenograd recommends creating a strategic map outlining three types of audiences- cold, warm and hot. Each of these audiences will have different conversion goals, budgets, targeting, and creative based on what you are hoping to accomplish with them.

  • Cold are those that have not been exposed to your brand,
  • Warm audiences are familiar with you brand and have been on your website
  • Hot audiences are those who have repeatedly visited your site and interacted with it and would take the least to convert

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