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Digital Marketing Summit Recap Part 2

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Kelly Flanagan

digital summit DCThe Digital Summit in Washington D.C. was an awesome learning experience! Stepping into the city to mingle with digital marketers from near and far got the creative juices flowing. Before you dive into my top 5 digital marketing takeaway’s from the two-day conference, read part one!


How to Tell your Story when you have Nothing to Say Cmdr. William Marks, Defense Intelligence Agency

I loved getting Cmdr. Mark’s perspective on content marketing in a field where content can be hard to come by. One of the best points he made was to make sure that good content is really at the forefront, and that the delivery comes second. Play to your strengths, and the audience will follow!


Let’s Get Personal: 7 Steps to Build 1:1 Relationships with Email Allison Walh, Campaign Monitor

This presentation really stressed how personalized email marketing campaigns are really the future! Proving to your consumers that your brand is catering to individuals through email can make a world of difference. Being timely and relevant are other key points to boosting email open rates.


Storytelling is the Only Strategy Jeremy Gilbert, The Washington Post

The highlight in this session for me was the emphasis on non-linear stories. With social media, stories and news are always evolving and are not always written by just one person. Putting your content into the world leaves it vulnerable to input from the public, which can catapult your content in directions you never thought possible!


The Care and Feeding of the Content Engine Ginger Shimp, SAP

For me, this session provided awesome insights and tips on how to stay on top of the content marketing game. Using and repurposing content from podcasts, webinars or eBooks to fuel the content engine can elevate your consumer’s engagement and brand loyalty.


Crafting Lasting Relationships with Email: Successful Email Marketing Looks More like a Conversation Karen Talavera, Synchronicity Marketing

One idea I loved from this session was the idea of pattern interrupting. As digital marketers, we often get in the habit of scheduling Tweets, emails and Facebook posts. However, this is a good way to get lost in the shuffle. Over promoting can be dangerous too, and the importance should be shifted to creating meaningful relationships with consumers.

That’s it for all things digital marketing that we learned during the 2017 Digital Summit!

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