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Get out of the office once in a while

Last week, we, as an agency, had the opportunity to conduct two training workshops outside of the office. Not only was it a great chance to get out of the office and enjoy a breath of fresh air, but it was an excellent reminder of how important it is to step outside the bounds of our office walls and participate in the industry education that’s going on in the area. Our industry changes and evolves so quickly, it’s crucial that we, as professionals and experts, take the time to educate both ourselves and colleagues on those changes.

On Thursday, we participated in the Public Relations Society of America,Maryland Chapter’s Mid-Atlantic Chesapeake Conference and presented “Crisis Communication in the Age of Social Media” and on Friday, we conducted a training workshop, “How to Effectively Use Social Media for Your Business,” for local small business owners in partnership with SCORE 390.

Participating in conferences, workshops and presentations, as an audience member or a presenter, are great opportunities to learn, grow within your industry and network with other professionals.  Next time you’re offered the chance to get out of the office for a few hours, impart your extensive knowledge on eager minds and meet some cool people, JUMP on it! Because, most likely, you’ll gain a lot from the experience, too.


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