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Content, Meet Strategy.

A lot of small businesses recognize the need for a social media presence, but try to get out of hiring an agency to do it.

Internet's growing pains

The Internet’s Growing Pain

Mashable reports that Arizona rep. Michelle Ugenti has proposed a bill to combat online identity impersonation. The bill would make creating a website or profile

The Customer Is Always Right… Except When They’re Not

The customer is always right! Always. Or so the conventional wisdom goes. However, we all know that sometimes customers ask for things that you just can’t do. How far do we bend to accommodate them? I recently was faced with this dilemma on one of our client’s Facebook pages.

Jungle and the Internet

The Jungle and the Internet

Last week, I traveled to Ecuador with a medical team. We hiked into the jungle, ‘Heart of Darkness’ style, and set up a mobile clinic for the local tribes. It was an incredible experience. This post, however, is not about what I did on the trip. It’s about the lack of internet.

Sandy and Social Media

I don’t know about you, but I think social media has made disasters way more interesting. I don’t want to make light of nature’s fury; hurricanes, earth quakes, torrnados, they’re terrifying events. But with Sandy bearing down on my house this week, experiencing her in real time, with half the Eastern Seaboard, was fascinating.

The Little Printer

BERG is a London design studio that has done a very curious thing, they made a printer with a face. This is curious for two reasons. First off, printers don’t usually have faces. Secondly, designer studios don’t usually make printers. So what is so special about this printer, besides its face, that would inspire a BERG to create it?

From Love to Bingo in 873 Images

This is something you don’t see everyday, a tear-jerking ad from Getty Images. AlmapBBDO spent 6 months culling together more than 5,000 images from Getty’s archive

Tumblr: Or That Thing You Need To Think About

As of last year, Tumblr had 8.5 times more page views per month than Wordpress.com. Let that sink in. The scrappy little purveyor of humorous gif’s has 8.5 times more traffic than one of the most established hosted-blogging platforms in the world. I guess this means we should be paying attention, eh?

We don't have a choice whether we DO social media the question is how WELL we DO IT

The Revolution is Over. Now the Fun Begins.

It’s not just interesting that tech manufacturers are building social networks like Facebook into their products, it’s what this shows about the way social media is taking the front seat in our lives.

The App Fridge

I punched the Twitter button, plugged in my credentials and boom I was checking my Twitter stream. From a refrigerator.

New New Twitter

Some of you may have noticed that all of Twitter’s apps are getting a facelift. Twitter is calling this redesign Fly. I’m going to quickly summate what they changed and then talk about why this matters. A lot.

The Baristas and the Tip Jars.

Are you ready for a fun example of creative marketing? No, it’s not from a big national agency, nor is from a young, spry two person shop either. It’s from a group of baristas at my local Starbucks.

Twitter’s Stories

I wrote a few months ago about how Twitter is struggling with shedding it’s old quirky identity and embracing it’s growing importance. Their first commercial was a mistep. This new site they just launched is spot on.