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The Revolution is Over. Now the Fun Begins.

We don't have a choice whether we DO social media the question is how WELL we DO IT
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Last year, Apple built Twitter sharing directly into the operating system of the iPhone and iPad. In the iPhone’s Settings app you can directly log in to your Twitter accounts. Once that’s done, you can tweet pictures and links without having a stand-alone Twitter app installed on your phone. Apple just announced that the newest update to their desktop operating system, OSX, will also be getting built-in Twitter support. Microsoft has built Twitter and Facebook into their new mobile OS and it will be coming to the desktop with Windows 8.

The interesting part isn’t that tech manufacturers are building these services into their products. It’s what this shows. Twitter and Facebook used to be small parts of our lives. Fun distractions. That’s not the case anymore. With the ubiquity of cellphones and wireless internet, social networks are becoming completely integrated into our day-to-day. Having a Facebook is no long weird or cool. Not having one is weird and makes you the friend who never knows what’s going on. Every commercial has a suggested Twitter hashtag. Every news anchor has their Twitter handle on screen. What I’m saying is, the social media revolution is over.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that social media is on its way out. Far from it. What I’m saying is that the days of social media being an early adopter phenomenon are over. Social media is a thing of the masses and this is when the real fun begins. The time is better than ever to be a marketer using these tools. Just look at all the changes that have been happening with the platforms.

Facebook just rolled out Pages Timeline and Twitter overhauled their whole website to make it more ad friendly. Both are getting ready to jump head first into mobile advertising and both of them are in great positions to do that. And the best part? They aren’t just focusing on traditional ads, but are putting an emphasis on storytelling (They’ve been reading our blog). Facebook is launching Sponsored Stories and Twitter added their Discover tab.

Get excited everyone. Social media may be starting to mature, but that’s not a sign of things slowing down. The tools are being improved, the strategies are being refined and the audience is bigger than ever.

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