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The Little Printer

Picture of Kyle Sacks, Social Media Coordinator

Kyle Sacks, Social Media Coordinator


BERG is a London design studio that has done a very curious thing, they made a printer with a face. This is curious for two reasons. First off, printers don’t usually have faces. Secondly, designer studios don’t usually make printers. So what is so special about this printer, besides its face, that would inspire a BERG to create it?

The Little Printer — as BERG so loveably named it — is a small thermal printer similar to the ones used for cash-register receipts. The cool part is that Little Printer is plugged into The Cloud and prints out internet-based content for you on a scheduled basis. You wake up and Little Printer spits out Instagram photos, Twitter updates, sudoku puzzles, morning news headlines, etc. They have an smartphone app that lets you customize your morning print outs.

It’s adorable.

It’s also a very clever way to make these bits and bytes that we interact with all day a little bit more tangible. Increasingly our lives are documented in The Cloud where we can’t get our hands on it the way we used to when pictures came printed on paper. The Little Printer is a tad gimmicky and nostalgic, yes, but makes our social media lives a bit more intimate. A marriage of old and new. Now I just have to talk the Boss Man into getting one for the office.

Hello Little Printer, available 2012 from BERG on Vimeo.

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