Content, Meet Strategy.

content-strategyA lot of small businesses recognize the need for a social media presence, but try to get out of hiring an agency to do it. Businesses think that if one of their employees can do it, often on top of their present duties, it’s a way to save money! A good thought, but social media is more than just writing content and hitting ‘Post’.

A big part of social media is content strategy. What content will resonate best with your audience? Do they enjoy humor? Tips and tricks? Coupons? Deals and giveaways? Long posts or short posts? Lots of photos or lots of questions to answer? No two audiences are the same and the ability to learn an audience is a tough learned skill. Someone may be a very clever writer, but have no idea how to write content a specific audience will find engaging. Social media content often competes with hundreds of other posts a day in users’ feeds. It’s imperative to know how to make your content stand out by targeting it to the people seeing it.

Agency social media employees live and breathe social. We do it all day, every day. We do it for clients in all kinds of industries. We have experience with how best to serve your audience through content and interaction. Full service agencies have the added bonus of being familiar with how social fits into an overall marketing strategy. This experience and strategy is invaluable to building an online presence.

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