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What’s the buzz about? A social media grab bag of new platforms and apps

Picture of Ali Maruca, Social Media Coordinator

Ali Maruca, Social Media Coordinator

One of the really cool things about working in social media is that the environment constantly changes. One of the challenges of working in social media is that the environment constantly changes. In this case, the pro is the con and the con is the pro. With lots of new platforms, applications and generally cool stuff debuting at a pace that seems weekly, it’s sometimes tough to stay on top of it all. However, this week, here’s a grab bag of some cool things we found on the internet that we want to share.

It’s still too early to predict its success, but the new Vine app that Twitter launched late last week is definitely proving to provide Tweeps the video capability they’ve been demanding. With six second video loops, the app encourages users to “share their life in motion.” Though Vine has encountered some…obstacles concerning porn material popping up in users’ feeds, it will be interesting to watch this new application grow. It’s great for individuals sharing active bits of their lives, but the challenge will be to leverage the new “it” platform for brands.

Instagram v. Vine. Share life in motion.

A Google-A-Day
It seems as if any question is answered these days with, “Google it!”. Whether as a board game or during pub trivia, players encourage you to leave your smart phone in your pocket to keep the playing field even. In true Google fashion, they’ve embraced this challenge and created “A Google a Day” — a 24/7 online trivia game in Google+ that encourages quick, crafty and creative use of the famed search engine. For those who love online games or are just looking for another distraction from a boring desk-job, this could be your ticket!
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If Pinterest and Instagram were to collide and create an offspring, you would fine Pose. As the newest fashion and style social media platform, Pose cultivates an online, mobile community that allows fashionistas to share images and videos of outfits, makeup, shopping and fashion. With an endorsement and significant financial investment from fashion powerhouse, Rachel Zoe, as well as a significantly large following, Pose is sure to succeed in the fashion, cosmetic and beauty industry.


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