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Franchise Brands + Social Media = Success!

Sometimes when you look at a Facebook page or the Twitter feed of a major national or international brand, it’s hard to look past the well established branding, creative imagery the millions of “likes” or followers. But big brands are practicing fundamental basics that are essential for any small business venturing into social media marketing, especially franchise business owners.

Facebook Post With Image

Facebook Photos Drive Interaction

Facebook posts with pictures typically garner more engagement, which is the end-game in social media, right? It also helps break the monotony of the timeline structure. Here’s an example from Chick-Fil-A.

Morton's WOM Success Stroy

Doing It Right: Morton’s Steakhouse

We’ve been fond of praising those who do word of mouth marketing the right way, from musicians to the Four Seasons. And we’ve even brought to light some occasions where WOM can be detrimental to a company (remember United Breaks Guitars?). Looks like Morton’s Steak House falls under the “social media success” category. They’ve recently impressed a certain Peter Shankman, a self-proclaimed social media entrepreneur with just over 109,000 Twitter followers.