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Everything You Need to Know About Stop Motion

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Brianne Palensky

We knew we needed to do something special to make our ads for our client’s summer campaign stand out. That’s where we brought in stop motion. Check out what we learned from the experience!

What is it?

It is animation that is captured one frame at a time with objects moving in each. When you play stop motion animation, it looks as if the images are moving. This increasing popular trend is easy to create and catch the attention of your audience. Videos are becoming more and more important to use in marketing and stop motion gives you an alternate option that almost anyone can use.

Can anyone do it?

All you need is a tripod, iPhone and the app, Stop Motion Studio. The app walks you through the process and is extremely user-friendly. All you have to do is take multiple images from the same angle of your product moving!

How do you use stop motion in marketing?

You can use stop motion to focus on the product, create a fun storyline based around one of your products and showcase how great your product is!

How we used it for our client, Seasons Pizza:

A really big deal deserves a really big campaign. Our client, Seasons Pizza decided to run “Monday Madness” deals ranging from $1-$5 every Monday in July. This is a pretty big deal, so we decided to amp up the social aspect of this campaign. Instead of using regular graphics, we decided to use stop motion animation that captures each deal disappearing bite by bite. Using the app, we set up a space with a back-drop and tripod. Each picture captured was then created into a movie. From there, our creative team added the Monday Madness logo at the end and we used it to promote this special offer! It’s a super easy way to use video on social and get your customers attention!

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