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5 unsuspected brands that are killing it on Snapchat

Picture of Kellie Elmerraji

Kellie Elmerraji

With 173 million daily active Snapchat users that spend an average of 30+ minutes on the app, this is a channel worth paying attention to. Not to mention, the opportunities to create brand awareness and engagement are endless. Here are 5 unsuspected brands that are doing an amazing job of using this increasingly popular social network:

Sour Patch Kids – @sourpatchsnaps

Sour Patch Kids brought their “first they’re sour, then they’re sweet” tagline to life. The company partnered with Vine star, Logan Paul, to document pranks he pulled with Sour Patch Kids co-stars.

AdAge reported in November 2016, Sour Patch Kids used Snapchat’s glasses (sunglasses that take 10-second videos from the point of view of he wearer) to film a baking session following its special cookie recipe.

General Electric – @generalelectric

Combine science and social media and you’ll get General Electric’s Snapchat profile. The company uses the platform for a series where it answers users’ questions by explaining scientific concepts in a concise and fun way.

GE Snapchat

In addition to sharing emoji science findings, GE also encourages Snapchat followers to interact directly. “Just add ‘generalelectric’ on Snapchat, send us an emoji, and we’ll send you some science,” GE wrote on its Tumblr. Here’s an example of the “science” followers might get in return. 

Warby Parker – @warbyparker

With several Snapchat series, their context mix includes the promotion of new or popular products, Q&A sessions with key players at the company including co-founder Neil Blumenthal and features about what their employees enjoy personally and professionally.

Warby Parker Snapchat

W Hotel – @whotels

Get ready to make your friends envious. W Hotel created filters with phrases like “You wish you were here” and “Auto Reply OOO” that users can add to their pictures when they are close to a W property. With the logo also featured in the filter – it is basically free advertising!

W Hotel Snapchat

Birchbox – @birchbox

Their Snap Stories record transformations from fresh-faced to completely made-up or give followers exclusive access to at-home skin care routines. In addition, Birchbox uses vanity URL’s  to turn Snapchat followers into buying consumers. Specifically, during the 2016 holiday season, Birchbox created a URL to promote their Kiel’s skincare set. The company saw more traffic to its site from this URL than organic Facebook posts. As they continue to use vanity URL’s, they have realized that consumers are actually taking screenshots of the snaps and manually typing in the URL they’ve provided. Who would’ve thought?

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