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These are my confessions. (About Google+).

I have a confession. No, luckily, my chick on the side doesn’t have one on the way (yes, that’s an Usher reference). But, like Usher, I do have something I want to get off my chest. Here it is: For a long time I really thought Google+ was going to be a big deal.

The Next Big Thing In Social Media – Pinterest (Part 3)

Last time we talked, I was raving about Pinterest, the new darling of the social media world, and why it’s such a big deal. But if you wanted the download on how brands should leverage this pintastic momentum, it’s your lucky day! Here’s a handful of tactics we’ve already gotten traction with here at The Cyphers Agency.

Facebook Timeline for Brands: The Good, The Bad, and the Promising

It’s here! Marketers have been destroying their manicures for months now in anticipation of Facebook Timeline for brands, and what that will mean for their social media strategies. Now that it’s arrived, we know the answer – a whole lot, if you’re willing to do it right.

The Next Big Thing In Social Media – Pinterest (Part 1)

A seemingly innocent, but dangerous, addiction has been spreading like wildfire at The Cyphers Agency. Many of our lady employees, and a couple brave men, began dabbling in a tempting activity, just for occasional fun. Soon, we realized we were in too deep. Rather than try to escape the clutches of this dependency, we encouraged others in the office to join us on the dark side and also become hopelessly addicted… to Pinterest.

Facebook Sweeps Nielsen Social Media Report

When you think of Nielsen Media Research, TV viewership and ratings might be what comes to mind first. But the company recently took a look at social media usage among Americans, with some pretty interesting findings. If you have to ask why the firm is paying attention to our behaviors on social networks, just look at what they gathered.

The Dollar Value of a Facebook Fan

Social Media ROI: The Dollar Value of a Facebook Fan

There’s a certain term in the social media lexicon that I really don’t like. It’s not the meaning or even the use that I have an issue with. It’s the way it’s used. Overused. Thrown around. Thrown in when one is coming up dry. This word works as a shield for many folks in our industry – “Hey, what I do has value to you. Here’s an acronym we can use when I am trying to convince you of this, and the important-sounding-ness of it will put both of us at ease.”

The #AskObama Town Hall: A Lesson In Social Web Basics

Today was a kind of a big deal on the Internet. First, Mark Zuckerberg and his folks announced some big changes over in Facebook land. Then, right on the heels of Zuck, President Obama hosted the first live-tweeted presidential town hall ever. There’s no rest for us web-minded folks!

US Facebook Users Who Like Brands On Facebook By Age 2010 2011

Don’t Think Your Customer Is On Facebook? Think Again.

Most marketing folks have heard from clients at some point – “I don’t think my customer is on Facebook.” Now, sometimes this is certainly true, and we will be the first folks to tell you that you shouldn’t “do Facebook” just because everyone else is – you know, that whole “if your friends jumped off a bridge” principle. We’re much more likely to preach you the gospel of strategizing an integrated campaign than throw some social media buzzwords at you.

First TV, Now Web 2.0: Oprah Winfrey Keeps Innovating

Last night, I watched the very last episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show. As a life-long Oprah devotee, I felt like I was losing my best friend. I am not ashamed to admit that I sobbed to my bewildered husband as she left the stage a final time: “I’m just going to miss her so much!”

How To Deal With Negative Facebook Posts

Facebook Moderation Isn’t Just About Customer Service

Just last week, we tweeted a pretty sweet blog post from AllFacebook about “How To Manage A Facebook Wall In Any Situation.” It was chock full of great tips boiled down from BuddyMedia’s Facebook moderation 101 report. Some of my favorites: Address each poster by name. Use language that reinforces positive feelings about your brand. Don’t be afraid to apologize and be honest.

The Doctor Is In: Social Media Questions Answered!

A little while back, we asked you, our dear readers, to throw your burning social media marketing questions our way. Boy, did you deliver! We got some great questions. Now, it’s time for answers – starting with a question from Katrishia. Check out what Jocelyn and Danielle have to say.

The Doctor Is In: Social Media Q&A

We’ve all had burning questions. While Jocelyn and I love to give advice, we’re not really qualified to help you with your relationship problems or