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The Doctor Is In: Social Media Q&A

Picture of Danielle D Ali, Social Media Coordinator

Danielle D Ali, Social Media Coordinator

We’ve all had burning questions. While Jocelyn and I love to give advice, we’re not really qualified to help you with your relationship problems or etiquette dilemmas – but we do know a thing or two about word-of-mouth marketing and social media.

So if you’ve ever had a burning question about advertising in the digital age (and really, who hasn’t?) it’s your lucky day. Soon, we’ll be vlogging our take on what you’ve been wondering about.

So let us know what you want to hear us talk about – and we’re game to talk about (almost) anything! Tweet at @adsattca using the hashtag #PnPQandA, or post your question as a comment on this blog post. Oh, and you can email us too. Keep an eye out for our vlog sometime soon!

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