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Home Depot Fumbles in Advertising

Home Depot Fumbles

This week Home Depot joined the long list of brands that have posted inappropriate and offensive content on social media. This isn’t the first time

Rolling Stone Lacks a Crisis Communication Plan with Recent Boston Bomber Fiasco

#RollingStone #CrisisMeltdown

Dear Rolling Stone, Wow. For once, this rather outspoken person is a bit speechless. So you decided to push the envelope from edgy to controversial…

The Customer Is Always Right… Except When They’re Not

The customer is always right! Always. Or so the conventional wisdom goes. However, we all know that sometimes customers ask for things that you just can’t do. How far do we bend to accommodate them? I recently was faced with this dilemma on one of our client’s Facebook pages.

Crisis Communications and the Power of Social Media

It’s bound to happen: an angry customer posts a less than positive comment on your Facebook page or a situation at your headquarters creates a frenzy of negative press. No matter what happens, you will need to act quickly. And in a world where breaking news is old news five minutes after it occurs, social media can become your best friend.

Social Media Successes

Starbucks and Little Social Media Wins

Sometimes just saying you know there is a problem in existence is enough for consumers. In social media, it really is the little things. Here’s Starbucks’ recent (and tiny) social media win.