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Facebook Ad Hacks You Should Try

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Kelly Flanagan

It takes a lot these days to stand out on the Facebook newsfeed. Between friend’s posts, the brands you follow, and various competing sponsored posts, it’s tough to break through the clutter. Here are our top Facebook Ad hacks to get your hard work noticed:

  • Use emojis! When most, if not all, ads are being viewed on a mobile device, so why not have fun and use emojis?! Putting them in ad copy or headlines is an effective way to draw eyes to your ad and stand out in the crowd.
  • Experiment with ad formats. If your usual ad is the standard single image and text, try mixing it up with a video or carousel. Engaging your audience in these less traditional ad formats can boost your CTR and ROI – wow!
  • Be colorful! While Facebook’s blue is a color to avoid, breaking up newsfeeds with bright colors will attract viewers to your content. Incorporating pink, purple, orange, yellow, or red is a sure way to make someone stop mid-scroll.
  • >>>>Use bookends<<<< Did we grab your attention with those bookends? :::These::: {these } or writing with | spacers are examples of how graphics can be incorporated into ad copy, headlines and meta texts.
  • Test EVERYTHING. A/B testing ad copy, headlines, meta descriptions, landing pages, images or creative, and target audiences are key to optimizing ads. The only way to know what works for your brand is to try everything and weed out the most successful from underperforming ads. Keep what works and get rid of the rest!

At the end of the day, Facebook ad hacks are fickle, yet necessary for digital marketers. But as long as people are scrolling, Facebook ads will be a substantial and inexpensive way to reach a huge audience.

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