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Social Media Recap: Fall 2019

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Kristin Dyak

Hi I’m B, and I’m Kristin. We’re kicking off fall by recapping all of the things that happened in social media over the last few months. Here are the highlights from our favorite platforms.

Facebook is getting personal. Their dating component that was announced earlier this year is now ready to mingle. This match-making tool within Facebook enables users to create a dating profile within Facebook separate from their current page, but allows you to pull posts, photos and info from your existing Facebook and Instagram accounts. It will also let you know if you have mutual friends in common.

Over the last few months, LinkedIn has expanded options for freelancers who use the platform. Our favorite is the new “find an expert” post option. To create a new “find an expert” post, you would go to post an update like normal, select the “find an expert” option, and then answer a few brief questions about the services and skills you’re looking for. This will help freelancers decide if they’re right for the job and if they should reach out in hopes of cutting down search time. “Find an expert” posts also stand out a bit more on your feed to draw extra attention.

Instagram is getting a little less Insta with the new scheduling tool. You can now schedule feed posts and IGTV videos through Facebook’s Creative Studio. This new feature support single and multiple photos along with videos. And you have the option to share it to your Facebook page as well. Once your copy and media assets are set, use the calendar to schedule the post. We’re loving this and hopefully the ability to schedule Instagram Stories is right around the corner.

Twitter desktop users received the biggest update of them all when Twitter officially rolled out their new desktop design. The features added or updated were based on user request and for that we say, “thank you, Twitter!” Some of the notable additions included the navigation bar being moved to the side allowing you easy access to List, Profile and Bookmarks. A new Explorer tab, similar to what users have on mobile, brings users more content, live videos and even local moments personalized to your location. Twitter also gave the people what they want and there’s now an even darker dark mode option. Twitter said there’s more to come with their desktop improvements so keep an eye peeled for more in the coming months.

So that’s it! Be sure to follow us on our social media so you don’t miss our end-of-year recap when we highlight all the things we loved about 2019 on social media. Plus you’ll probably be able to see some pretty sweet Christmas sweaters. See you then!

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