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5 Ways to Optimize Your Brand’s IGTV Experience

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Instagram’s long-form video application, IGTV, provides a whole new stream of content for users to engage with and for businesses to utilize for their brand. With a longer time allotment than most online video platforms, IGTV is a surefire way for brands to produce a new, creative line of content. Here are 5 ways your brand can optimize their IGTV experience. 

  1. The Perfect Format 

IGTV allows users to upload videos vertically or horizontally, but there is a clear winner. IGTV’s format is designed so that the content fills the vertical landscape, as vertical videos take up the entire phone screen. When the content is horizontal, the screen has a large portion of blank space at the top and bottom of the video, which stands out as non uniform. If you want your videos to appear professional and aesthetically pleasing, make the switch to vertical. 

Recommendation: Use a video aspect ratio of 9:16, or 1080 x 1920 pixels for the best IGTV formatting experience.   

  1. Timing is Everything

IGTV allows users to upload videos up to 15 minutes long via the Instagram app, and 60 minutes long via the web. An hour is a long time, but just because that time is available, does not mean you should use it. Short clips are all the rage because they allow users to engage effectively without zoning out or getting bored. Remember that people mostly see IGTV videos on their IG feed. Their thumbs scroll quickly and efficiently, so you need to keep up.

Recommendation: Aim for your video to be within the 5 to 7 minute range, allowing you to provide robust content while keeping audiences engaged. 

  1. Stick to Your Brand

Unlike many other social video platforms, IGTV does not get flooded with the most popular trends the way TikTok or Youtube does. This gives your brand the chance to shine, because you are not bogged down to a trendy dance or hilarious challenge. You can create your own content that is original, engaging, and catered to your audience in particular.

Recommendation: Expand your voice. You have followers for a reason, and you need to believe in your own brand! Look at content you have already created, see what is most popular, and incorporate those themes into your IGTV video. 

  1. Look to Your Neighbors

If you are new to the IGTV scene, we’ve got you covered. There are plenty of brands who have already created successful content on IGTV, which are perfect examples of what works. There is no shame in taking inspiration from your social media neighbors, soon enough they’ll be looking to you! 

Recommendation: Explore your IGTV feed and watch a handful of videos from brands that are in your realm of work. Read the comments, check out the “likes,” and learn how to engage. 

  1. Editing is Your Friend

Professionally on social media is key to a successful brand. Make your videos look high-quality and clean using video editing software. This includes adding text, adjusting the lighting, implementing clean transitions, and making sure the content is succinct. It also is beneficial to your brand because you can include your branding colors, logos, and even your brand’s logo.  

Recommendation: Add closed captioning. You will find plenty of users who are in line at the grocery store, hanging on the couch with friends, or in another public space who are scrolling on IG and are not able to put their volume on. Closed captions allow people to watch and engage without having to listen. 

Expanding your horizon and dipping your toes into a new social media platform is a great way to create new content, gain new followers, and develop a respectable brand. Don’t be afraid to take a swing at IGTV and use these tips along the way.

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