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Twitter Ads: 6 Tips to Get You Started

Kayley Nagle

Kayley Nagle

Twitter ads

Twitter is an ideal platform to use for generating new and creative ads for your brand or business since there is no minimum advertising budget. Over the past several months, Twitter has reported a large increase in use, which means there’s no better time than now to create compelling ads. 

Setting up your ad:

Before creating your content, decide how you are going to set up your ad. Here are a few options:

Promoted Tweets: Promoting your brand’s tweets is an easy way to increase engagement on content that already exists. Advertisers can purchase tweets, which pushes out the content to a wider audience. Promoted tweets appear on timelines, user profiles, and at the top of relevant search results. 

  1. Tip: If you are ever in an engagement slump, scroll through your content and pick one or two tweets you feel deserve the extra boost. Soon enough, those once stale tweets will be brought back to life on the timeline of brand new users.

Targeting Your Audience: There are a number of ways you can target your audience directly, including: age, gender, interests, locations, and keywords. This allows you to hone in on your message and personalize your content. 

  1. Tip: Twitter allows you to view your content’s engagement results and see the most impressionable demographic. This allows you to cater those users more accurately the next time around.

Ad Placement: Where your ad is going to be seen determines the content you are going to create, and there are several options. You can choose from users’ timelines, profiles, search results, and even tweet details pages. 

  1. Tip: Do your research! Before deciding where to place your ad, check your analytics to see where users are engaging with your profile the most.

In your Ad:

Now that you have decided how your ad will be set up, it is time to get creative. 

Engaging Copy: Twitter thumbs are fast, so catching a user’s eye with your ads is important. Create copy that is fresh, whether that be a creative infographic or hilarious GIF. Whatever it takes to make your content pop. 

  1. Tip: Switch it up! Experimenting with different mediums is a great way to gain attention. Posting videos and photos will help offset content that may be more text-heavy. Provide users with what we like to call, visual relief. 

Call to Action: A sure-fire way to increase ad engagement is to create content with a purpose. Prompt users to do something. It could be as simple as encouraging users to visit your website. Remember, the more reason to click, the better the content. 

  1. Tip: Make it easy! Too many steps is an immediate turn off for users, so make sure your call-to-action is something doable in a moment’s notice. Remember, everyone’s in a time crunch. 

Look to Your Organic Tweets: The best way to create ad content is right under your nose . . . your own tweets! Looking to your organic tweets is a simple way to keep track of what is successful. Do your posts with photos have more “likes” than ones without? These are important observations that will guide you to high-quality engagement.

  1. Tip: As you are going through your organic tweets, make a list of what content you find to have the highest engagement. Then when you are ready to make an ad, you will already have suggestions created for you.

Learning more about what Twitter has to offer is a great way to get your brand off the ground. These resources are available at your fingertips and will guide you through a new world of content creation, brand development, and successful advertising. 

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