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What Instagram Filter Are You?

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Snapping a photo came with a lot of uncertainties at one point in time. We would click the button and then we’d wait without knowing if the photo would develop flawlessly or be unrecognizable. Thanks to significant technological advances, we can not only see the images right away, but we can also edit them to perfection. Sharing photos increased greatly in recent years on social media, and the manipulation of digital photos has fallen into the hands of both professional and amateur photographers.

Instagram has 1 billion users, and I think it’s safe to say that the vast majority of that billion aren’t professional photographers. Yet, Instagram has amplified sharing life’s precious (and not so precious) moments through a phone-lens view. Although present day smartphones are equip with high-quality cameras, the filters on Instagram were first implemented as a tool to correct the below-average camera phones of 2010, when Instagram had just launched. The X-Pro II filter was among the first created for this reason and is still one of the most popular filters on the platform.

Instagram filters are beneficial for the average user to make an average shot of your lunch look like dinner, but brands and influencers also find value in the filters. The filters, especially those that are more modest, help to unify the photos when posting on a professional page and create a cohesive look for the brand. The filter enhances the visual tone of the content and creates a clear voice for the brand or campaign.

Photos can be manually manipulated to create well-balanced light and color correction, but the use of filters has made it easier for Instagram users to quickly post the perfect moment in an instant. There are currently over 40 native Instagram filters, but we all have our go-to enhancement that gives our photos that famous “FOMO” glow.

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