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October’s Social Media Round-Up

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Hi I’m Bridget and I’m Kristin and welcome to this month’s edition of the social media recap, where we discuss all the things happening in the world of social media. Here’s the good, the bad and ugly that happened in October.

After reviewing the social media updates from October, we noticed that several platforms were focusing on expanding their capabilities.

Snapchat made the news recently as they added new lens options, expanding their creative potential. My personal favorite is segmentation, where the users is given the option to select a specific part of the image to alter such as changing hair color, adding a new background, adding something in the sky or even changing what’s on the person’s head.

Pinterest furthered their e-commerce potential this month with the updates they made to their product pins. Now users will be able to see a shopping tag indicating a product pin and price information as well as whether or not the product is in stock, all from the pin itself.

This month there were significant changes to video usage on social media. Similar to Facebook Stories, Instagram is running a new test to enable the ability to use video polls in their ads. This option enables viewers to interact with the ads in hopes to boost engagement.

Advertisers using Twitter’s in-stream video ads will now be able to reach a global audience with their new ad content as opposed to the restricted regional content before. This is extremely significant for Twitter since the platform is so popular worldwide.

Social media platforms also focused a great deal on expanding their functionality this month.

Facebook created the ad measurement tool Facebook Attribution. This dashboard allows advertisers a more complete picture of the customer journey allowing them to make informed business decisions.

LinkedIn made another effort for engagement this month when they tweaked their feed algorithm. Previously only top contributors were being displayed on people’s timeline. This led to a drop in engagement from everyday users. In order to counteract that, LinkedIn tweaked the feed in order for everyday users comments to be show as well as likes and shares.

Social media platforms are always looking for new ways to get their community involved and increase the user experience. Here are a couple examples.

Facebook is taking action to crack down on stolen and misuse of information. One way they’re planning to halt the spread of political misinformation is by updating the newsfeed algorithm. The plan is to demote links to sites that republish and redistribute information without permission.

Instagram is also improving their community involvement by launching the name tag function. This is similar to snap-codes for Snapchat and Messenger Codes on Facebook Messenger by allowing you to scan another users code via the Instagram camera. This brings up the preview of the profiled and gives you the access to quickly link to their profile.

So that’s it for October. Be sure to follow us on our many social media platforms (links below) so you always stay in the know and never miss an exciting episode.

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