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Which Social Media Management Platform is Right for You?

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Managing social media accounts across various platforms and for several companies can be daunting, even for the best digital experts out there. Streamline the process, and give yourself a break, by utilizing one of the many social management tools out there. Content style and tone differs between the platforms. It’s a quick fix to just auto-share content from one platform to the next, but the formatting and user interactions (such as hashtags and handles) can mislead the audience and downgrade the essence of the content. Using a management tool allows you to save time logging into each platform by scheduling across social networks in one place, and tailoring the content for each. 

Here are a few options to help you organize the various social media accounts and maximize your time by scheduling ahead.


This popular platforms provides a substantial free version and allows for room to grow. With linking to 3 social platforms and the ability to schedule up to 30 posts, Hootsuite’s free plan is perfect if you’re managing social media for one company. As clients and social media accounts begin to accumulate, investing in either the Pro or Enterprise levels can provide more options to streamline the scheduling process. There are also insightful listening tools, detailed reporting and paid advertising options that generate more opportunities with each level of access.

Sprout Social

Similar to Hootsuite, Sprout Social offers various options to suit your needs based on your client demand. Although there isn’t a free version of Sprout Social, there is a trial period to give you a sense of what level you may need based on access granted at each stage. Sprout Social prides themselves as being more than just a software with their customer service and strategy experts to help guide you through campaigns.


Although Falcon has scheduling capabilities, its strength leans towards being a listening tool. The platform tracks trends and brand perception to help guide content creation and develop insightful campaigns that speak to the correct audience. In addition to audience listening, you can also discover which influencers are interacting with your topics of interest.


If you’re looking to keep it simple, and only on Twitter, TweetDeck is a great free tool that allows you to schedule tweets and engage with your Twitter audience in one place. Simply log into your Twitter account and TweetDeck to get started. This platform is by far the simplest, but worth the mention as sometimes that is all you really need to keep your heavy volume of tweets organized.

Finding a social media management platform that suits your needs can be a challenge. There are several out there that provide great benefits to your content and workflow. These are some of our favorites because they continue to change with the scope of social media. We love being able to rely on our tools to keep up with the fast-paced digital industry!

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