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Social Media Recap, Q2 2019

Picture of Kristin Dyak

Kristin Dyak

Aloha from Hawaii! Our digital team is bringing you the latest happenings in the world of social media updates. Watch to learn more about the big changes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn over the last few months.

Hi, I’m Kelly and I’m Kristin

Welcome to this edition of the Social Media Recap where we discuss all the latest happenings in social media. Here’s what went on in the last quarter.

4 years after Twitter acquired Pariscope in 2015, they are now allowing users to host a live video and have up to three guests. Instagram, Snapchat and Apple have also recently introduced group video chats into their software’s capabilities.

Instagram has upped their game when it comes to Stories over the last couple of months. You can now add a multiple choice quiz that encourages your audience to engage with your content. It can be really tough to get engagement on Stories beyond a reaction so this new feature is a great way to grabs the attention of curious users who just MUST know the answers to your questions! Another fun feature on Instagram Stories is the added lyric text when you include a song. We’re digging the visual addition of these lyrics to help tell our story and enhance the content.

Back in April, LinkedIn took another step closer to looking like Facebook by introducing a variety of reaction options for posts. Users can now choose between options such as “like,” “celebrate,” “love,” “insightful” and “curious” to respond to their connections’ posts.

Facebook’s biggest announcement in Q2 was the unveiling of an alternative financial system called Calibra. This cryptocurrency known as Libra is backed by 27 partners as diverse as Mastercard and Uber. Facebook tells us that the data collection from Calibra will be separate from the collection from the social platform and will not be used for ad targeting.

Will Facebook be able to overcome its privacy issues? How will marketers be impacted by this new system? Is Facebook actually taking over the world? 2020 could be a big year for this mega social network!

Let us know in the comments which update you’re most excited about. I know I’m really excited to see what’s going to happen with Facebook’s Libra. Be sure to follow us to always stay in the know and never miss an exciting episode.

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