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8 Reasons Brands Love Instagram

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Brands on Instagram

Through the years, social media has developed into what some would say an integral part of a functioning of society. Instagram’s ongoing developments and updates have produced rapid growth and won over the loyalty of over 1 billion monthly users. Brands have also found their place on Instagram, whether restaurants are promoting their menus through influencers or educational institutes are using inspirational images to encourage students to further their studies. Instagram’s growth involves many factors, including their commitment to transparency on the platform. This allows brands that deal with highly sensitive information, such as medical or financial organizations, to feel more comfortable connecting with their audience on Instagram thanks to the platform’s effort to eliminate fake accounts.

Let’s reminisce on how Instagram became so popular in the first place and take a look at the top 8 reasons why brands are in love with this platform.

  1. Instagram stories … and their ever-changing capabilities. Whether there are new stickers, emojis, or even the ability to incorporating music lyrics, the constant updates for Instagram Stories have proven successful in retaining users’ interests in the feature since being launched in 2016. In fact, SocialPilot reported that in 2018 there were over 300 million Instagram Story users.
  2. Visuals, lots and lots of visuals. Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is visually-dominant. Seeing a picture before a caption intrigues users and generates curiosity to know more. The endless array of high-quality photos is bound to keep you scrolling, and the filter and editing options only enhance the posting experience.
  3. The power of influencers. Influencers are able to create an ever-growing number of followers due to their ability to appeal to a mass amount of people, many who will become loyal followers. A survey by Bloglovin’ stated that 59% of micro-influencers said Instagram is the most effective platform for engaging audiences, meaning that is where they typically spend most of their time. Thus, it’s better for brands to use influencers to help build their presence on Instagram. For example, if an influencer who reviews food makes a post about your restaurant, then their followers are more likely to form the same opinion about your restaurant.
  4. Simple & intuitive paid capabilities. Instagram has streamlined the process of leveraging posts with a paid boost by offering automated audience parameters, which is something Facebook still has yet to do. Let Instagram deliver your post to the audience they suggest in order to expand your reach beyond demographics and interests that are your go-to choices. As more brands catch on to this feature, the more satisfied brands will be with Instagram’s performance.
  5. Quick and easy shopping. Everyone wants a hassle-free shopping experience and Instagram gives you just that. Users can purchase products instantly by simply tapping on a post or heading over to the “shop” tab on the explore page. According to SocialPilot, this simplified process has proven successful as Instagram has the highest average order value than any other social media platform, which help brands generate higher conversion rates.
  6. The emotional appeal is real. We all know a picture is worth a thousand words and for Instagram, that is a key factor to its success. Since Instagram mainly uses pictures to convey messages, it’s easy for users to experience an array of emotions when scrolling through their feed. Instagram is a great place for brands to really connect with their target audiences, such as a higher education institute conveying an inspirational message that encourages people to continue their education.  
  7. The explore page, page, page… When users get tired of seeing the same posts on their feed, they can move over to Instagram’s explore page and be exposed to thousands of new posts. Through the use of a unique algorithm, Instagram meticulously customizes users’ feeds to what they would like to see, which will suck them into a scrolling frenzy.
  8. Keeping it real. According to the Missouri School of Journalism, Instagram stays “authentic” by deleting fake accounts and verifying brands and public figures, which is crucial for brands, such as those in the medical or financial fields, who want to ensure consumers that they are the real deal. Filtering out fake or inappropriate accounts, comments, and posts allows Instagram to be transparent with its users and ultimately create that safe space that keeps people coming back for more.

Instagram’s versatility and ability to personalize the platform will continue to grow as does social media, so make sure to be on the lookout. Although Instagram is known for hosting travel and food photos, the platform continues to evolve with the trends of sharing authentic content from various industries that appeals to the increasingly diverse Insta audience.

Learn more about how Instagram is catering to brands here.

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