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Are All Email Platforms Created Equal?

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Email marketing platform selection can make or break a campaign and greatly affect the success of your overall marketing strategy. While there is no cookie cutter answer for which email platform is best, there are tons of options available in the market today. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some common objectives and needs, indicating which platform may be best suited for each.

email marketing platforms

High Deliverability Rate and Compatibility: 

Constant Contact is extremely popular and boasts a 97% deliverability rate due to their outstanding reputation. Proactive monitoring and automatic authentication help keep Constant Contact accounts compliant with current legislation so that emails have a better chance of reaching inboxes. Additionally, the array of CRM and webinar integration options allow for flexibility and ease in combining marketing and sales platforms.

Large Mailing Lists:

SendinBlue offers an unlimited number of contacts for all their plans. Pricing depends upon the total number of emails sent per month, so this is a good choice for those who segment contacts for campaigns rather than blasting messages to large lists. 

E-Commerce Tracking:

E-commerce businesses will benefit from the tracking features provided by Drip. Visitor engagement can be tracked utilizing various segmentation and lead scoring combinations, as well as custom conversions that can give insight into customer purchasing habits.

Simple, Targeted Email Automation:

Automated emails with well-timed, targeted content to specific audiences are effortlessly executed through ConvertKit. Simple drag and drop workflow funnels take the work out of repeatedly targeting audiences based upon custom engagement rules.

Email Marketing for Beginners:

A very enticing feature from MailChimp is the free account option for an unlimited time. This plan is a great option for a business that is working on building their email distribution and reputation, while having the opportunity to upgrade to a paid plan for larger lists and sends as their audience grows. 

In-House Integration:

GetResponse offers in-house CRM and Webinar solutions that make email marketing integration flawless. Those looking for a seamless way to connect their sales and marketing tactics will find the management of this email platform extremely convenient.

Highly Targeted Mailing Lists:

The custom segmenting capability in Active Campaign is a unique feature that filters audiences based on URLs visited or not visited on a webpage. This is particularly helpful if a business has a wide range of product or service offerings, so that audience segments receive email content custom tailored to their interests.

Content Based Reporting:

Reporting in MyEmma is intuitive and thorough with the use of separate tabs for open and click statistics, A/B subject line email testing and a click-based heat map to show specific click areas on email campaigns. If you’re looking for clear content-based email reporting, this platform makes it simple.

These options all offer free-trials and demos, so it is always worth the time to test drive a few platforms before fully committing and establishing your marketing presence. With any email marketing platform, frequent performance analysis, reputation management and relevant content are key factors in email marketing success!

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