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Social Media Recap – October 2017

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Kelly Flanagan

Another month, another update from all of our favorite social media platforms! Here’s the social media recap for October 2017:social media

  • Twitter ads are more transparent: This month Twitter announced a few new features that will add to the transparency of all advertisements. The audience can now find who is paying for advertisements and will be able to provide feedback to Twitter.
  • Order food on Facebook: In October, Facebook launched a new feature which allows the ordering of carry out or delivery within Facebook! Users will be able to save favorite restaurants in a new tab on Facebook’s side bar, and order without even visiting their pages. This will be awesome for users who are already looking at restaurants on the site.
  • Go live with friends: Instagram released a new way to go live! The app now allows users to invite their friends into a live stream video chat. Other viewers can still comment and watch along as well.
  • LinkedIn replies: This month, LinkedIn has been testing smart replies in direct messages. These replies are similar to predictive text on Apple devices and are great for shooting out quick answers.
  • Stream YouTube TV with Google Home: Google Home devices are now able to stream YouTube TV by voice. Since Google owns YouTube, this featured partnership is expected to be a hit. YouTube TV not only has your favorite viral videos and clips, but viewers can watch live broadcasts streaming from local feeds such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX.

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