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Email Marketing Tips For An On-The-Go Audience

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email marketingIn our on-the-go society, emails are no exception. Email marketing is smarter and stronger than ever. When done well, it delivers the right content to the right person at the right time. According to Constant Contact, 205 billion emails are sent every day. Eighty-eight percent of smartphone users actively check email on their phones, making it the most popular app for both iPhone and Androids.

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about email marketing in a mobile world.

From the top! How can I get the reader’s attention?

Although email provides a platform to deliver a significant amount of information, it’s important to decide how to say a lot in a little. Mobile devices show between 25 to 30 characters in an email subject line. Focus on engaging the reader right off the bat with a concise, well-informed subject line. Half of the battle is convincing the reader to open the email in the first place.

What’s in a word, and how many do I need?

Your reader is not expecting to dive into a novel when opening an email. The copy should be on-message and strategically formatted. Keep it short, sweet and engaging from header to footer. The ideal length of an email consists of 50 to 125 words for optimal effect. Scalable emails are typically a narrow, single column design that uses large text.

Do I need text if the image says it all?

In addition to on-message text, an image can say everything… but should it? Mobile devices have come a long way, but they’re not perfect. Often, whether due to service or a setting, a reader might not be able to see an image on their device. All imagery should be the icing, not the whole cake. The message should support itself with or without any visual media.

Subject line, copy and an image, is that all I need?

The buck doesn’t stop at the email. Encourage the reader to take advantage of a call-to-action response and outside links by increasing “clickability.” According to Circle Studio, a typical adult finger covers 45 pixels when pressed on a mobile screen. Allow links to stand out and make them easy to tap on by using a “bulletproof button” and a contrasting color.

But, what about social media?

Social media platforms are taking the content marketing world by storm, but people are still twice as likely to sign up for your email instead of interacting with you on Facebook. This doesn’t mean that your social platforms should receive less attention, but it’s crucial to guide your audience between the mediums. Encourage your reader to follow your social media pages and give signing up for your e-newsletter a shout-out on your social. Different yet like-minded content keeps your audience engaged on all communication platforms.

Take the extra time when creating your email campaigns to make sure they are optimized for mobile devices. The functionality of an email is just as important as the content itself. By following these guidelines, you will be able to deliver email marketing campaigns that will be opened, clicked and capitalized in today’s day and age.

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