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Social Media Recap- July

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As most of us know, social media is always changing. Sometimes they aren’t the most life-changing updates, but they all slightly improve or change the way we use our favorite apps. Check out all of the latest features released in July!

New Features Added to the Instagram Platform API
The latest update from Instagram sets out to make businesses’ lives easier by giving a more effective management tool. Instagram upgraded to Facebook’s Graph API. Before the new updates, businesses used “Insights: to view the metrics for their content and presence on the app. Now, they will able able to access these insights and more in the Instagram API.

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Twitter’s New Mute Feature Helps Avoid Trolls


Anyone with a Twitter account understands the annoyance that is “Twitter trolls.” Thankfully, the social media platform is giving us a way to silence it all. The new mute feature allows users to turn off notifications for newly registered accounts, people you don’t follow and people who don’t follow you. This new update will help keep bots and spam away from your timeline so you can see more of what’s important.


Snapchat Adds Links


To keep up with the constant updates from Instagram, Snapchat is finally ending their no links rule. The new feature called “paperclip” allows users to attached a website to a snap so friends can easily open in the app’s internal browser. Additionally, the feature “Backdrops” will allow users to cut out their snaps and then put in a fun background. Voice filters were also added to Snapchat’s editing, giving users the power to alter the voice in their videos.


Facebook Builds on Ads Manager


Recently, users of Facebook Ads Manager have noticed more detailed analytics. The new updates allow users to customize their key performance indicators on dashboards they have created.

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