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Industry Update: Snapchat

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snapchat-gives-you-a-color-palette-for-doodling-over-your-photos-1Okay, I admit it I use Snapchat. I was reluctant to join at first because of the stigma behind an app that deletes photos after 10 seconds. I was convinced the only people who would use something like this were teenagers trying to hide things from their parents.  Although this might be the majority of users, as it turns out, Snapchat for me is really just a place where my friends and I can send picture of our pets without feeling the shame of having 1000s of pictures our phones. Although I use Snapchat almost exclusively for doggie pictures, it has exploded as a powerful tool in the advertising world.

Snapchat is becoming increasingly popular with teens and young adults. Brands with younger target audiences have a unique opportunity to reach these consumers on a very personal level. Although the opportunity may not seem apparent, a few brands have already revolutionized Snapchat marketing.

The first true attempt at using Snapchat as a marketing tool was lead by New York City frozen yogurt company, 16Handles. 16Handles asked their customers to send them a Snapchat with an image of them eating frozen yogurt. In return, they would send a coupon code for 16%, 50%, or 100% off. The catch was, customers only had 10 seconds to have the cashier scan the coupon or they lost it. The beauty of Snapchat is that it creates a sense of urgency unlike any other social media medium.

Taco Bell used Snapchat to create buzz around the release of their Beefy Crunchy Burrito. They told their Twitter followers that a huge announcement was going to be made on Snapchat, and consumers received a secret note that self destructed in 10 seconds.Snapchat-video-messaging-comes-to-the-stable-Android-app

While Snapchat isn’t for everyone, it is an effective way to reach a younger audience on an extremely personal level. The nature of the app inherently creates a sense of excitement and urgency that you just can’t get from Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms. I know that we will be keeping Snapchat on our radar for clients!

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