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Listen Up: Social Media Tracking!

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Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 1.41.37 PMSocial media doesn’t have to be, and in fact shouldn’t be a one-way street. The best social isn’t just about pushing your message; it’s about listening to your fans and followers. This doesn’t mean simply incorporating polls and questions into your regular content (although this is a great way to increase daily engagement!) It is about truly listening to the wants and needs of your consumers and transforming your product or brand to fit these needs.

One of the best executions of this concept is Yoplait’s “Sparked by a Post” campaign. Yoplait is a historically health conscious brand that hops on food trend band-wagons as they happen. Their yogurts are low-fat, no-fat, full-fat, you name it. In the past, researchers have generated these brand shifts, but now, Yoplait has decided to use their social as a data resource. Social media data is some of the best because it is user generated gold. Consumers aren’t being prompted to fill out a survey or answer questions. They are tweeting at you, or posting on your Facebook page because they feel motivated enough to do so.

Thanks to one very motivated fan, Yoplait decided to remove high fructose corn syrup from their yogurts. High-fructose corn syrup has been a hot topic in the food industry for a few years now, but it took a Facebook post from a fan named Sherry to be liked, shared, and commented on thousands of times to get Yoplait’s attention. Instead of simply responding to this woman, they decided to take action. And now, they are promoting this action that they have taken.

Yoplait released this video, illustrating how one Facebook post changed an entire product line. By doing this, they are reinforcing to their fans that they are listening to them. This increases their online following as well as their engagement.

Listening to fans is something we find integral to our social media marketing strategies. With our client Better Than Bouillon we manage Consumer Insight Tracking to catalog exactly what our customers are saying about the products. If we see certain topics trending, we take these insights to the client to make changes.Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 9.56.09 AM

Making your social a two- way communication channel will increase your engagement and consumer loyalty. However true social listening can be time consuming when executed the right way. For the best results, hire an agency to manage this aspect of your social media efforts.

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