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Tips for Community Management on Facebook

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Kelly Flanagan

Monitoring social media profiles is a HUGE part of online community management. Keeping up a reputable and reliable social media presence is key to keeping your audience engaged. However, community management can be totally overwhelming. Using an online tool such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or Sprout Social to monitor profiles can be useful for organizing clients and platforms, but they also have drawbacks. For monitoring Facebook notifications the old fashioned way, natively, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Open every notification: Apart from likes, it is important to look at every notification saying someone has “shared”, “commented” or “mentioned” your brand in a post. Be sure to also open the “other” tab where you can see if any reviews were left on your page.

community management

Check your wall: On your Facebook page, be sure to look under the “posts” tab under your profile picture. I have found that posts to the main page do not always come up in the notifications, or are sometimes buried, so it is best to check manually. You never want to leave someone who took the time to write on your wall hanging!

Utilize direct messages: Your inbox is a great place to have more sensitive conversations with your audience. Not everything is suitable for a public forum, for those situations, try directing users to send your brand a direct message. Keep the conversation private to help protect your brand and the individual.

Reply to negative comments: Try to avoid hiding negative comments. This lets the original poster, and everyone else on your page, know you care about making it right! Recognizing mistakes and trying to turn a negative customer experience around will build credibility and trust on your profile.

Reply to the positive comments: Do more than just “like” a nice comment. Going above and beyond to respond to a positive comment is an opportunity to strengthen online relationships and create champions for your brands.  While every platform is different, these tips should provide you with a good basis for catching all the engagement on your page. 

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