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July Social Media News, Updates and Trends

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Kristin Dyak

July was filled with awesome updates from our favorite social media platforms! Check them out below in our recap:

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Hi I’m B and I’m Kristin. Welcome to this month’s edition of the social media recap where we discuss all the latest happenings in the world of social media. Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly from the month of July.

This month Snapchat gave us a really cool update with the Lens Explorer. Since lens studio was created over a year ago there have been over 100,000 lenses created by the Snapchat community. However, Snapchat developers noticed a problem in that the other users were not able to find these community created lenses. Since then, the Snapchat developers have created the Lens Explorer which allows users an easier way to find and unlock these community created lenses from users all across the globe.

In July, Instagram Stories is really what caught our attention. One of the updates is that you can now react to an Instagram Story just like you can on Facebook so you can like and love. One of the things you can’t do though is the angry emoji. We’re keeping it positive on Instagram.

One of the other updates on Instagram Stories is now you can have shopping tags for all brands that have enabled shopping on Instagram.

In the month of July Facebook gave us three noteworthy updates. The first of which is the ability to merge your Instagram contacts with Facebook Messenger so now you can annoy your friends with endless memes on two different messaging platforms. Next, they updated the Stories capabilities, for those of you that actually use Stories, you can now save a Story to your archive so you can reuse it at a later date. And finally, the one I’m most excited about are new augmented reality ads that allow the users to try on products they’re looking at. So now instead of going into the store to try on the sunglasses you want, you can scroll through your newsfeed, see an AR ad for sunglasses and click the try it on button.

One of the updates for Twitter, is their redesign. They’re going to have larger banner ads at the top of the explore tab that can be purchased by brands. And one more, for Twitter that we’re really excited about because we love doing trending topics is they’re now going to start showing connected topics within the trending links.

Finally, we have updates from LinkedIn. First, is the ability to add captions to your videos and second, is new messaging tools. These tools include the ability to expand your message box so when you’re typing you can see more than one sentence. Right now, this is only available on mobile, but will soon be available for desktop as well. Additionally on mobile you are given the capability to add attachments to your messaging. And finally, and this is actually the most requested update LinkedIn has ever received, is the ability to have group chats on messaging. So now go out and celebrate with a group chat to your favorite coworkers.

So that’s it for today. If you like what you see and more importantly what you hear be sure to follow our many social media platforms (links below) and always be in the know. Never miss an exciting episode.

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Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube

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